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My name is Mira. I am a creator of Choco & Nourish, Ltd. and I am a huge chocolate lover. As a little girl I had a dream to run my own coffee shop where delicious hot chocolate would be served and people would just love it there. My dream seemed to fade away as time went by but after many years it is back on... and it is becoming true. 

Meeting the right people 'by chance' has brought me back to chocolate. On one of my journeys to Prague, I stopped in at a friend's of mine café. She has happened to be a chocolate production company owner. I tasted her hot chocolate and... the best chocolate in the world! A 'Must Try', I would say. Then I got to know her partner both in life and business, learnt more about their philosophy, how they choose ingredients, create chocolate products, knew more fantastic people within their business, felt the team spirit and simply fell in LOVE with their chocolate, story and their company. And here the story continues. A small team bringing Prague to London. 

Please, let us introduce you the Czech chocolate brand Steiner & Kovarik by Prague Chocolate

Though it might not be well-known for all of you, the brand is already well-established in the UK. Since 2015, Steiner & Kovarik regularly enters the reputable UK-based food competition Great Taste.

We are proud to announce that they have been awarded three years in a row, subsequently becoming the Great Taste Producer.

The products Almonds in Milk Chocolate and Cinnamon won a gold star at the Great Taste Awards 2016, Almonds in Dark Chocolate and Chilli and Salt won a gold star this year 2017 and Czech Nougat has been a gold star winner each year since 2015; this year it was a TWO stars winner at this prestigious awards.

The brand is growing internationally and we are pleased and honoured to represent it in the UK. Here at Choco & Nourish Ltd., the UK distributor of  Steiner & Kovarik by Prague Chocolate, we are not only big fans of their chocolate products but good friends as well. We wish you become one of us too. Please, do yourself a favour, try and enjoy.

By tasting their magnificent chocolate, we cincerely wish you feel a pleasure. Give yourself a present and enlight your days and lifes with it. 


With Love